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Being the Unlikely Adventures of 

Charlie Maidly, 

Vladivostok Woofers, 

and the Kink-Konk


Welcome to the world of Charlie Maidly, an exciting and unique series of science-fiction adventure story books for children ages 9 and upwards!

Charlie Maidly and the Kink-Konk of Mars is the first book in the series. It is set on Mars, is over 400 pages long, and is available now

On this site you'll find lots of cool info about Charlie and his Chums, about the planet Mars, and even about the Science in the book!

Children - check this out!

(Much more detailed info is available for Parents, Guardians, and Teachers - including info about Mars, suggested Study Topics and a Plot Guide - Grown-Ups, check this out!)

The Charlie Maidly books are full of quirky characters, sing-sing poetry, emotions, philosophy, humour - and you'll also discover lots of other stories tucked away inside the BIG story!

For Charlie Maidly loves telling stories!

It is absolutely, mostly his favourite way of Managing his Moods...

Learn more about Charlie's books by clicking here!​

The Charlie Maidly Books

Charlie Maidly and the Kink-Konk of Mars

 is available now. 

The Giraffes of September Ville will be available soon. 

The Birds of the City of Glass and Charlie Maidly and the Unreliable Time Machine will be available in the near future.